Here at ClusterChimps our goal is simple... to help advance ape knowledge. What kind of knowledge? All kinds... Physics... Biotech... Medicine... Materiels Science... Alternative Energy... you name it... we want to help. But how can a group of computer scientist with a few spare cycles help push the human race forward in areas that we know little or nothing about?

While we may know little about these fields we do know that they are heavily reliant on supercomputers to run computationally expensive models that sift through petabytes of data. We also know that due to the exorbitant cost of supercomputers only the most promising research can get access to these expensive machines. What would the world be like if all researchers who wanted access to the computational capacity locked within these monolithic beasts... had it?

Enter ClusterChimps. Our mission is to teach people how to build and program inexpensive supercomputers by leveraging advances in GPGPU programming, virtualization, and distributed computing (areas that we do know a little something about). Your starting point down the path to computational enlightenment... our first publication "The ClusterChimps Guide to Building and Programming a Virtual Supercomputer".

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The ClusterChimps Guide to Building and Programming a Virtual Supercomputer

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