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If you are a software engineer, graduate student, or college professor and you are tired of your research never reaching the masses... why not join in our effort to advance ape knowledge. If you would like your research in the area of GPGPU or HPC computing to be featured on ClusterChimps contact Cornelius (

If you are an organiziation that wishes to help out with donations of equipment, money, or discuss potential advertising opportunities contact Zira (

Dr. Zaius is the chimp behind the book "The Cluster Chimps Guide to Building and Programming a Virtual Supercomputer". If you have questions on the content, corrections, or suggestions for future work, he can be contacted at

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Member Bios

Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius is the current Minister of Science and Cheif Defender of the Faith at ClusterChimps. He is charged with advancing ape knowledge.

Dr. Cornelius
Dr. Cornelius is responsible for cooridinating and organizing content at ClusterChimps.

Dr. Zira
Dr. Zira is in charge of charitable donations and is our current webmaster. She is also engaged to Cornelius. They plan to wed in the fall.

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