Virtual Supercomputer

Do you have a computationaly intensive problem that you need to solve but you don't have access to a supercomputer? Don't despair... for the price of a high end graphics card from Nvidia you can build a small scale supercomputer out of your desktop. Nvidia's desktop supercomputing solutions will provide a significant bang for a very small buck.

What do you do when your needs outgrow a single desktop? Well you buy another one of course... and when you outgrow two... three... four? Well you can upgrade to racks of expensive server based GPU systems or you can download and read "The ClusterChimps Guide to Building and Programming a Virtual Supercomputer".

What's a Virtual Supercomputer you ask? Well it's a cluster of virtualized GPUs that are stitched together into one masive compute engine. In our ground breaking book we walk you step by step through the process of building and programming your very own Virtual Supercomputer. A Virtual Supercomputer can save you over 98% of the cost of CPU based HPC solutions and 50% of the cost of a server based GPU clusters.

The ClusterChimps Guide to Building and Programming a Virtual Supercomputer
Code Examples
This tarball contains the code examples that are discussed in the book above.

Dead Tree Version
A print version of this Book is in the works. It should be available on Amazon soon.

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