Producing content like this in your spare time is expensive. Desktops, graphics cards, network gear, laptops, software, monitors... all cost money. Lots of money. Given that we give away the results of our labor... the only way we can continue to exist is through donations.

What kinds of donations... We sure could use some new high end desktops (are you reading this HP and Dell). We are also going to need to get our hands on some Kepler powered Tesla cards Nvidia. Some legitimate Parallels Workstation Extreme licenses would be nice to have also.

Oh... if anyone from Apple is reading this Dr. Zaius sure could use an 11 inch MacBook Air for presentations. Anyone interested in donating hardware or software please contact Dr. Zira (

Help Us... Please

Please visit our PayPal page and make a donation.

Desktops (HP Z800, Dell T7500) and Kepler cards would enable us to continue with our research.

Licenses for Parallels Workstation Extreme, Windows 7, and Visual Studio.

AMD / Intel
I sure would like to try out some of your Fusion / MIC gear... Want to take the Pepsi Challenge?

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